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Police Misconduct Intelligence for Defenders

Strengthen your cases, get more disclosures, and bolster police transparency with Enformate, Techtivist's premier software to track police misconduct.

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Julie Ciccolini here, Founder of Techtivist. 


I've been fighting alongside public defenders for police transparency and accountability for over a decade.

Let me show you why Enformate is essential to your defense. 

Julie Ciccolini headshot
Julie Ciccolini headshot
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A History of Dismantling the Blue Wall of Silence

At Techtivist, we're committed to breaking down barriers to justice. For over a decade, our team has been dismantling the 'Blue Wall of Silence' by championing police transparency and empowering public defenders through our innovative platform, Enformate.


Our mission is to transform legal defenders' ability to hold police and prosecutors accountable and defend the rights of the accused.

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Enformate has been just short of miraculous for our office. Being able to quickly search officers' history is tremendously helpful for our lawyers to prove that prosecutors are not telling the truth when they say an officer has no misconduct.


Since using Enformate, we have improved outcomes for our clients and fundamentally changed the potential level of transparency in criminal cases throughout the state of Maryland." 

Deborah Katz Levi
Director of Special Litigation
Maryland Office of the Public Defender
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Deborah Katz Levi working at her desk


"Enformate enhances our ability to access critical misconduct records, effectively supporting our trial strategies and systemic litigation efforts. Enformate has not only saved us time but has significantly amplified our capacity to advocate for justice."


"Enformate has revolutionized our ability to manage extensive police data, greatly improved our efficiency and effectiveness in defending clients, and helped us uncover critical information that strengthens our cases."


"I've seen firsthand the transformative impact of Enformate. Our partnership has empowered us to leverage decades of officer-level data, identifying trends and injustices once obscured by technical barriers. We can now utilize this data to prevent wrongful convictions and champion justice more effectively."

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Revolutionize your Defense Practice


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Win More Cases

Enformate gives defenders an advantage at every stage of a case.

Stop Brady Violations

Enformate prevents Brady violations and holds prosecutors accountable.

Make an Impact

Enformate catalyzes a more accountable and transparent criminal legal system.

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