Benefits of the XBOX Game Pass

The XBOX One and XBOX 360 rank among the more popular gaming consoles of all time. When Microsoft first announced plans for the XBOX One, it required a dedicated internet connection to use, but after receiving complaints from fans and customers, the company decided to eliminate that requirement and allow players to play the console without hooking it up to the internet. Microsoft now offers the XBOX Game Pass, which is a paid service that requires an internet connection. This program has some nice benefits, especially for those who like trying out different games.

Low Price

As long as you have an XBOX Live account, which is a requirement to play games and increase your gamer score, you can sign up for a free trial of the XBOX Game Pass. You will need to enter a valid debit or credit card to use the free trial. The trial lasts for 14 days, and your console will remind you when your time is almost up. Once your trial expires, Microsoft will automatically charge your card $9.99 each month. You can log into your online account to cancel at any time.

Game Updates

One reason to sign up for this program is because it gives you access to hundreds of different games. You can download a copy of any available game to your console and begin playing as soon as the download finishes. Though some complained about a lack of games when the program first launched, it now offers a number of titles that include action, strategy and role playing games. You’ll find classic titles available too. Microsoft adds a number of new titles each month that you can play as well. When you cancel the program, you retain the achievements and the bonuses to your gamer score but cannot play those games anymore.

Other Discounts

Microsoft also provides members with some great discounts on titles too. If you ever wanted to ride a wild donkey, stroll through the rain forest or work in a unique industry like at a movie theater or a lubrication system company, you’ll likely find a game that lets you do that. As a paid member of this program, you can purchase games for a lower than retail price and download a copy to your console. Any games you purchase are yours to keep, even if you quit the program. XBOX Game Pass is a great program for those who like sampling games and saving money.