Card Games Remain Inspiration for Movie Makers

Card games is not just a remarkable way to relax the mind. It is also one of the most popular games to bring people together. No wonder the modern filmmakers are gaining inspiration from different card games. Even many of the television serials have been inspired from card games. Here are some wonderful examples worth referring:

Playing Cards French Movie

Movies have always sought inspiration from the playing cards sessions at homes. The finest examples of these date back to 1896 French Short Black and White Film directed by George Melies. The film running time is 67 seconds in which the typical afternoon in a French Garden where a few friends are enjoying a session of playing cards is artistically depicted.

Rounders Movie

Poker is one of the most popular card game around the world. The movie makers of Rounders have shown the underground world of high stakes poker through their movie. The 1998 American Drama Film stars Edward Norton and Matt Damon.

Tamil Movie Rummy

When we speak of card games that have inspired the film makers, we cannot leave the game of Indian Rummy behind. The Tamil movie Rummy was released in 2014. The film directed by K Balakrishnan is a romantic thriller drama film.

We can see from each of the above examples that playing card games have always had an impact on the minds of film makers. They have always seen the rummy playing scene as an ideal part of drama and thrillers. But one should not be under the misconception that only filmmakers have been inspired by gaming sessions. Even novelists and tele-serial writers have made the best of card playing sessions to come up with interesting episodes that entertain viewers.

Here are some of the memorable examples in this league:

Tu Tu Main Main Episode on Teen Patti

Tu Tu Main Main was a very popular comedy serial from the nineties. This serial directed by Sachin and starring Rima Lagoo and Supriya Pingaonkar in lead roles used daily household themes to create comic episodes. There was one episode in this serial where Rima Lagoo’s daughter loses all her money in a round of Teen Patti Card Game and then seeks help from her mother. The episode shows the deceitful tactics used by gamblers to make money during such card sessions. It was a fun episode that will always be remembered.

Cards on The Table Poirot Mystery

Agatha Christie is known as the mistress of crime. Her writes have always been interesting and thought provoking. Hercules Poirot is a detective she created through her writes. A series of Poirot mysteries were also shown on television. These included mysteries that the detective resolved through order and method.

Cards of the Table is one of the Poirot Mysteries which was also telecast on television. The story shows how a misplaced card reveals the truth of a crime to the detective. The whole episode is beautifully crafted focussing on little facts that may be of great importance.

Playing cards has thus been an inspiration for not just movies and TV serials but also for novelists to come up with intriguing scenes. Be it the card parties put forth by Rochester in the popular Charlotte Bronte Novel Jane Eyre or the luxurious descriptions of card parties in classics like Pride and Prejudice, playing cards have always inspired.