Why You Should Choose One of the Toughest Anti-Corrosive Surface Coats

Using lesser quality products for clear coat duty is nothing short of leaving your sensitive metal unprotected. Uneven wear and fragmented protection from corrosion can limit the life of your parts.

Dependable Nylon and Epoxy Blend

Tough coats that protect sensitive metals from degradation and corrosion are advertised everywhere. Few have the ability to lock out moisture and protect from wear-damage like the blend of nylon and epoxy chrome free clear metal protective coating.

Pinhole-Free Protection

When you need to feel confident that your metal surfaces are free from abrasions and even the slightest pin-holes, this epoxy/nylon blend has the endurance power to make a noticeable difference in performance. The smooth, total coverage abilities provide the kind of protection you want and need. Every square inch will have the same level of unbeatable protection.

Easy Application Methods

All of your parts can be easily coated by spraying, painting, or a dip and spin method. It allows complete flexibility in your finishing process. Every part will have the desired finish without blemishes and missed spots.

When Strength and Flexibility Matter

The bond formed by the blending of epoxy and nylon chrome free clear metal protective coating is one that offers the desired flexibility with unequaled strength. It’s perfect for the sensitive metal components and parts you have that will be subject to tension, stress, and elements.

Trust the Products Aircraft Manufacturers Count On

The surface and parts of airliners have to be coated in a material that is ultra-dependable. Lives are literally on the line every time a plane takes to the air. Most airline manufacturers put full trust in the nylon and epoxy blend of chrome free clear metal protective coating.

Choosing the right anti-corrosive clear coating is easier when you take notice of the products many quality metal fabricators and equipment manufacturers use on a consistent basis. You can’t go wrong with the strength and protection of the nylon and epoxy blend chrome free clear metal protective coating.