Indians play so Apple is now talking to local developers for iOS gaming

AR gaming with iPhones

In the last few years, mobile gaming has become a serious business. Popular games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Asphalt 9 and others show that you can have fun on a phone. This also means that game developers, even in India, are increasingly focussing on creating games that will appeal to users. Their tribe is growing. The number of people who play games on phones is growing. So much so that companies have started coming with purpose-built gaming phones. But of all the “gaming phones” and tablets, the best mobile gaming experience is unarguably on the iPhone and the iPad.

The iPhone and the iPad don’t sport wild designs with gazillion LED lights. These are products built keeping class-leading performance in mind. Apple offers an extremely capable platform – iOS — to developers so they can go wild with their imagination in delivering new experiences. And the iPhone and the iPad offer more than enough power to support rich gaming experiences. In fact, the latest iPad and the iPhone offer console-quality gaming experiences.

India has become a big market for gaming industry — Indian PUBG players, for example — and developers have started to exploit it. India Today Tech recently got an opportunity to interact with some Indian game developers who are utilising the iOS to go global.

RushAround – A game taking benefits of Apple’s AR platform

Of late, Apple is talking about its improved augmented reality tools that allow developers to create more engaging experiences. Jambav Inc, a Bengaluru based game developing studio, has taken advantage of the advanced ARkit on iOS 12 and has introduced a game called RushAround. This is a game that aims to fuse a healthy lifestyle and the current-gen AR technologies to offer a positive gameplay experience for children.

The game uses advanced AR algorithms to create a virtual disc with numbers on each side and requires each player to move around on the highlighted number as fast as possible. What’s impressive about the game is that the AR experience is largely bug-free and it is able to detect minor movements in space very accurately. The developers have also been able to use Apple’s HealthKit to gather health data at the same time.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – A new take on minimalist-themed games

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a game that reminds heavily of another minimalist themed game — Alto’s adventure. However, the game has been developed in India by Xigma Games – a small startup. The game is one of the highest-grossing titles from India on App Store. With major development inputs from Apple, the game offers a quality gaming experience on mobile devices. With advanced lighting effects and special effects, it offers a new experience for those who like to play casual games but expect a qualitative experience.

MaskGun – India’s take at CS:GO and Fortnite

First-person shooting games have always been a riot among gamers. June, game developing studio, has been utilising the iOS platform for offering quality gaming experience and its most popular titles offers a unique shooting game experience. It’s called MaskGun and it offers a mashup of Fortnite and CS:GO. The game takes advantages of Apple’s superior hardware and software platforms to offers a unique FPS experience.

Unlike other multiplayer shooting games, this one aims to become the lunchtime game, i.e. a game that players can play quickly with short sessions meant for fun. The game loads faster than any other online shooter known on the mobile platforms and based on these strong points, it has managed to create a massive community of active players.