Infection mode in PUBG MOBILE could be best ever gameplay mode, is coming soon with next update

If it’s an online shooting game, a zombie mode is a must-have feature. The PUBG MOBILE team also realized that earlier this year and introduced a new zombie mode where players get to hunt zombies and survive at the same time. With subsequent updates, many iterations of the zombie mode were offered but there was one that every PUBG MOBILE asked for – when could players get to act like zombies (it’s strange but fun nonetheless)? The team delivered an answer soon.

The beta version of PUBG MOBILE has received the 0.14.0 update and in between all the changes it brings to the game, the major one is the new Infection mode in the zombie mode. The new mode under the Survive the Dawn mode offers players the golden chance to live a zombie’s life (it’s weird but why wouldn’t you do that).

Under the Infection mode, the game will randomly divide the players between zombies and defenders. Defenders are humans who will have to kill all zombies with the weapons available. The defenders will be able to use firearms whereas players playing as zombies will able to use melee attacks and abilities with cooldown time.

In the Infection mode, the defenders, i.e. humans will have to kill the zombie players and after that, they can turn the zombie into a human. If a zombie kills the human, then that player can be turned into a zombie. If all zombies are converted into humans, then the zombies win. If the defenders stay alive for the entire match duration, they win. Each match is said to last for 15 minutes.

The Infection mode is quite similar to recently introduced PVP Deathmatch mode but instead of 10 players, the number of players is more. We haven’t tried it out the new beta version yet but when it hits the stable builds, you can expect a review of the same.

Apart from the Infection mode, the latest update also brings a couple of new changes. The game gets slight UI redesigns to make it easier to choose between the modes. The game now has a smaller package size and players can download the Resource Extension packs if they want to. This will aid savings pace on device by only offering those features that a player needs.

There’s also a new character system introduced with this update. Each player gets a character at the beginning. Characters start with one skill that is only effective within EvoGround. Characters can be customized with outfits, voices, emotes and MVP emotes. Characters can be levelled up to collect progress rewards by playing with them in any mode to earn EXP.