Karnataka college principal smashes mobile phones in class to teach students a lesson

ed up with students using their mobile phones in college and during the classes, a Karnataka college principal took a hammer and smashed some cellphones to pieces in front of the students on Thursday. A video clip of the principal, RM Bhat, breaking mobile phones with a hammer has been going viral.

MES Chaitanya PU College had banned usage of mobile phones in the classrooms but despite repeated pleas by the college authorities, the students continued using their cellphones. The students were warned that the mobile phones would be destroyed if they are caught using them.

The college authorities have alleged that the students would use their mobile phones to exchange messages even during the lectures.

On Thursday, the college authorities confiscated 16 mobile phones after a surprise check. The students were asked to assemble in the hall of the college. The principal then smashed some of the mobile phones in front of the students.

Speaking to India Today TV, Karnataka Associated Managements of English Medium Schools general secretary D Shashi Kumar said that the situation in schools as well as colleges is “getting out of hand and such punishments are necessary”.

He said the parents of the students are also not bothered that their children are bringing prohibited items to schools and colleges.

However, Reba Samuel, a Bengaluru resident, disagreed with the act, saying the rules must be enforced but the “destruction is unnecessary”. She added that destroying something of monetary value is not right and one should not cross boundaries.