Make Your Recovery Experience Hassle-Free With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data recovery software has been the top choice for several customers and reviewers. Due to the software’s simplified and easy-to-use features, it is one of the leading software among many others. The software makes use of efficient and effective tools to help people in recovering their most important files. Moreover, it also extends support to various file types including music, video, email, documents and compressed files.

The data recovery software can easily assist you in recovering mistakenly deleted files, or inaccessible files, which were most likely lost due to reasons like OS crash, virus attacks, formatted disks, corrupted disks, system crash, lost partitions, malware etc. The software also offers support for various storage devices like MP4 player, media players, CD/DVDs, external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, pen drives, iPod etc.

Downloading the software

The recovery software is available in four packages, namely Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical. All of these four packages are made for different usages, and the first package, which is free, can be used for taking a trial of the software. This package also only allows for recovery of upto 2 GB of data. It is a great package to properly understand the features of the software. The other packages can be purchased, if the user wishes to recover more amount of data.

The Pro and Pro+Win packages offer unlimited amount of data recovery with unlimited technical support. Both of these packages are single-licensed and can only be used on one computer at a time. The technical license is more for commercial usage, as it can be distributed freely among others.

The recovery software is able to recover files with the help of data remnants, which were found lying in the hard disk. These are left by deleted files, and the software makes use of these remnants to reconstruct the file back to its original form.

The Two Scan Modes

The software utilizes two different scan modes to recover files. The first is the quick scan mode, which is the faster mode. It quickly scans the drive for data remnants, and can particularly recover permanently deleted files decently fast. As soon as the mode finishes its search, results can be seen displayed on the screen, while the second mode, deep scan mode, is automatically initiated.

The deep scan mode searches the drive for all hidden and inaccessible files, while also looking for remnants, which the initial mode had skipped. It brings forth all files which had been lost in the past, giving a wider choice to the user. Due to the fact that it searches more files, this mode takes a larger amount of time than quick scan mode.

This free data recovery software makes sure that the time spent on commanding the software is minimalized, while most of the process is automated so that everyone can freely use the software, without any hassles. If you have recently lost an important file, this is the software you must surely get.